Remantec Corporation offers various products not only in hardware but also software as well.

Our in-house developed software applications includes:
  is a complete point of sale (POS) system for managing sales of retail goods for grocery, convenience store, department store, restaurant, fast food and other sales oriented business. Moreover the same system can be used for gym, spa, hotel, motel, resort and other service oriented business. We also use this system as front -end module for teller based collection system in different kind of industry such as school, hospital, banking, loan, and pawn shop. This system is composed of sales, receipt or collection, received on account, stock in, stock out, cash in, cash out, paid out, charge ticket, ordering and guest check system for restaurant version. It has a built-in inventory management and accounts receivable system. It is fully integrated to our Hotel Information System through room charge account and can accept collection through received on account system and subsequently update the guest folio in real time. It is capable to fully integrate and generate sales journal entries into our Remantec Accounting System. See Diagram | POS Brochure | Retail Management System Brochure.
  is a comprehensive and integrated accounting system that allows efficient data management and on-time reports delivery for effective decision making. This system is composed of purchase requests, purchase orders, inventory management, asset management, sales, receipts, cash disbursement, cash deposit, journal voucher, cash management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and general ledger system. This is the core of the entire software package we developed. All of our software can fully integrate in this system. See Diagram | Brochure.

   a comprehensive and fully automated system for rural banks. It is composed of Tellering, Cashiering, Savings Deposit, Time Deposit and Loan System integrated into one system. This system has an advance operation features that eliminate the manual preparation of ticket journal by seamlessly integrating and automating this tedious process into the system, reducing the cost of operations dramatically. This ticket journal automation process eliminates a number of manual operations process such as summarizing the entries generated by the tellering, cashiering and loan release module. Likewise, other automation process such as savings account dormant charges, savings account transfer active to dormant, savings accrued interest, reversal of savings accrued interest every beginning of the month, savings quarterly interest income, time deposit accrued interest, reversal of time deposit accrued interest every beginning of the month, time deposit quarterly interest income and reclassification of loan from (active to past due, past due to litigation, litigation to write-off) are all generated by the. ticket journal automation process and posted directly to Remantec Accounting System. See Diagram | Brochure.

   It is an extensive, integrated system that supports the inclusive information requirements of every medical and non-medical staff, including patient, clinical, ancillary and financial management. It is the most relevant source of diagnosis history as well as the consolidated transaction records. It provides accurate inventory status of all items including medical supplies with corresponding status of expiration date. See Diagram

   a real-time system that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, aging, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses. It has a comprehensive series of fully integrated support modules and plug-ins that function with the same precision and intuitiveness, integrating seamlessly and adding specialized power. Can run stand alone or fully integrated to our Remantec Accounting System. See Brochure.

  a real-time system that provides you with every pawnshop management function crucial to your business. This system is composed of loan extension, loan renewal, loan redemption, pera padala in, pera padala out, western union in, western union out, accident insurance, dollar buying, load wallet, retail auction sales inventory, stock in, stock out, job order, cash sales, lay away plan and petty cash voucher. It has a backroom system that consolidates branch transactions for effective monitoring and reporting. See Brochure.

  provide an easy to use reservation, registration and billing system for hotel operations. We have combined our years of hospitality experience with IT expertise to develop an enterprise-class system that brings our clients a foundation for sustainable competitive advantages. See Brochure.
  provides an easy-to-use integrated school software system that streamlines administrative tasks throughout the entire school. We compiled what we believe is the most comprehensive analysis of an effective school system. Our software is designed to meet the unique student information management needs of all types of schools. See Brochure.

  creates a positive impact in the empowerment and efficiency of any organization. Our system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy. It has unlimited options for income and deduction making it very open for future requirements. See Diagram | Brochure.

  allows an individual to gather, organize, store and retrieve the ideas and information found to be useful to the individual. It has been designed for the purpose of storing and maintaining records of all the employees of the organization. Our system improves the performance of most personnel functions, including personnel recruitment, selection and development, as well as administrative services.

  facilitates the completion and approval of employee time sheets. Our system will standardize department timekeeping processes and will be used by all employees who earn vacation and/or sick leave, overtime or shift differentials. The package includes a biometric Finger Print Recognition Device. See Brochure.